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DJ Mazzr - Fusion Tech Bollywood 2

                                     FTB 2 - Dil Kya Kare (DJ MAZZR Live Reconstruction)
                                    FTB 2 - Its All About Tonight (DJ MAZZR Remix)
                                    FTB 2 - High Heels (DJ MAZZR Live Mashup Remix)
                                    FTB 2 - The Disco Song (DJ MAZZR Remix)
                                    FTB 2 - Halkat Jawani (DJ MAZZR Remix)
                                    FTB 2 - Tere Naino Mein ( DJ A.Sen Remix)
                                    FTB 2 - Aaja Mahi (DJ's Vaggy, Stash & Hani  Remix)
                                   FTB 2 - Zindagi Ek Safar (Dj Ansh Remix)
                                  FTB 2 - Indian Vipers (Dr Death Original Mix)
                                                     BONUS TRACKS
                                  PSY - Gangnam Style - (Ribin Richard Mix)
                                  PSY - Gangnam Style On The beach - (MAZZR Live Mashup Remix)
                                  ATB Vs Dazoo Vs The Grid - Swamp Thing (MAZZR's Private Edit)

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